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Purpose of the system


The FIDO-DOCFLOW electronic document management system is designed to automate the management of business processes and documents of an enterprise or corporation and contains all the necessary tools for organizing electronic document management.

The FIDO-DOCFLOW electronic document management system allows you to create a unified information space for both one enterprise and a corporation. The interaction between objects is fully automated. This increases the transparency of the stages of the document flow process and contributes to the effective analysis of the activities of an individual enterprise or corporation.

Main goals

As a result of the implementation of the system, the following main capabilities were provided and the following main goals were achieved:

  • Improving control over the document flow process;
  • Ensuring optimal database search, user-friendly;
  • Ability to use and transfer within the system
  • Documents of any formats
  • Improving performance discipline;
  • Creation of an automated system for generating the necessary reports.


The electronic document management system FIDO-DOCFLOW consists of interconnected software modules, implemented in a three-level architecture (“thin client”) and operating in real time (On-Line), implemented on the principle of centralized data collection (storage) and processing.

Operation environment

The Electronic Document Management System FIDO – DOCFLOW was developed using Internet/Intranet technologies and to put it into operation the following is required:

Database server on which a DBMS can be used from the list listed: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle Express Edition 11g;

Application server supporting J2EE container.

Composition of modules of the electronic document management system FIDO – DOCFLOW

The Electronic Document Management System FIDO – DOCFLOW provides automation of office work and document flow in the enterprise.

The modules of the FIDO-DOCFLOW electronic document management system provide optimal document management of the entire enterprise (automated object), as they contain all the necessary tools for the successful organization of electronic document management of any company, regardless of the number and form of ownership. The system is designed to work both within a small department, for example, an office, or a local organization, and within a geographically distributed organization with a complex information flow pattern.

The FIDO–DOCFLOW document management system includes software that performs the following main functions:

  • Registration of documents in the system;
  • Creating registration cards for documents;
  • Create a document directly from MS Office applications (MS Excel, MSWord, MS Outlook) based on special templates;
  • Scan paper documents directly from the registration card and automatically attach scanned images to it.
  • Possibility of attaching an electronic document to the registration card;
  • Creating a connection between documents registered in the system;
  • Assigning access rights to a document;
  • Work with documents online;
  • Attaching files of any type to a document;
  • Ability to view documents in pdf, doc, docx, rtf, txt, xls, xlsx formats directly from the browser, without downloading to a local disk;
  • Creating and working with draft documents;
  • Coordination and approval of projects, as well as subsequent registration of documents created on the basis of projects;
  • Creating routes for projects and documents;
  • Ability to save frequently used routes in the library of standard routes;
  • Automatic creation of a document control card when registering the RKK in the system, when submitting a document or order for control.
  • Control of document execution, installation for control and removal from control;
  • Distribution of notifications and reminders in the system and through the EDMS Agent client application;
  • Sending notifications and reminders by email and SMS;
  • The process of agreement and approval of the document;
  • Creation of orders and sub-orders according to the document;
  • Logging documents in the system;
  • Search for cards and documents in the system by the values of details in the RKK (main and additional), instructions and resolutions;
  • Contextual search based on the text of files attached to the document.
  • Managing access to requested information during direct and contextual search. User access is limited by his rights to work with the document.
  • Exchange messages between users;
  • Phopreparing reports on the state of execution discipline of controlled documents and instructions.
  • Preparation and printing of magazines;
  • Maintaining reference information.

The principles of constructing the Electronic Document Management system FIDO - DOCFLOW will ensure the continuity of the movement of documents and the continuity of control over execution until complete completion.

Given the existing variety of formats, the system works equally well with any document, regardless of where, when and in what format it was created. The system allows you to use documents of any format provided by the system installed on the user’s computer in a user-friendly form.


The administration module is designed to register users and user groups, store and change their registration data, and assign access to resources.

The Administration subsystem includes the following main functions:

Creating and managing user roles and rights

  • Creating users, their roles and rights in the system;
  • Setting access rights to system interfaces and reports;
  • Setting rights to create and edit documents.

Database backup;

Maintaining a Log Log of requests to the electronic document management system FIDO-DOCFLOW (On-line logging).

Advantages of implementation

  • Stability and reliability of the system;
  • Safety and integrity of data in the database;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • The system software has a modular structure that allows expansion of functionality as the system develops;
  • Full compliance with the basic principles of electronic document management;
  • Ability to control the development of document projects in the system;
  • No client licenses, the number of users is limited only by the technical capabilities of the customer’s equipment.
  • Possibility of organizing a personal archive of the system user;
  • The presence in the system of an agent function that signals the user about events in the system;
  • Generation of a unique document registration number based on the nomenclature directory.

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