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Purpose The "SAD TCHSZH" system is designed to automate the accounting of the activities of private homeowners' associations:
  • Maintaining technical records of the property of the homeowners' association (data about the residential premises of the owners, data on utility equipment installed in the homeowners' association (elevators, etc.);
  • Maintaining financial records (accounting for financial receipts from homeowners, accounting for current expenses of homeowners' associations);
  • Accounting for the costs of paying for services and work on current and major repairs of buildings, structures, transmission equipment, intra-block roads and access roads, elevators, technical equipment of buildings and structures; for improvement of the territory of the subordinate homeowners' association.
Goals achieved when using the system
  • Creation and maintenance of a single centralized database of information from homeowners’ associations;
  • Ensuring operational control over housing payments and identifying debtors;
  • Accounting for financial banking transactions and accounts receivable and payable;
  • Reducing staff time spent on manual data processing;
  • Increasing data reliability and data security.
The SAD TCZH system provides recording and storage of information on the activities of TCZH, which will allow you to analyze information and make operational decisions with optimal expenditure of time and labor resources. Composition of functioning modules of the SAD "TCHSZH" Design decisions were made on the basis of the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and implement the system on a modular basis to allow scaling of the system. The system contains the main modular components:
  • Maintaining homeowners' association data (homeowners' association passport);
  • Personal registration of home owners;
  • Accounting for mandatory monthly payments of partnership members;
  • Identification of persons who have payment arrears and the formation of a “List of Debtors”;
  • Maintaining a custom package of homeowners' association reports in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan: reports submitted to the tax authorities; reports submitted to the statistics department of the district in which the homeowners' association operates; reports submitted to the People's Bank for the pension savings system.
Accounting in a homeowners' association provides the user with the opportunity to create a Homeowners' Association Database (HOA DB) and functionality that provides accounting for mandatory monthly payments, calculation of payments and fixation of payments in the database, and maintenance of the "General Ledger" of the HOA's accounting records. System architecture The basic architecture for the construction and operation of the system is the three-level Client-Server architecture and the principle of centralized collection (storage) and processing of data. The “SAD TCHSZh” system operates in real time (On-Line). Advantages of the “SAD TCHSZh” system
  • Stability and reliability of the system;
  • Data security and integrity;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Connecting an unlimited number of workstations;
  • Flexible system for setting up user rights. The ability to access any program module from any workplace, access is carried out according to the interface menu depending on the user’s rights;
  • The program has minimum computer requirements. No additional paid software is required for installation;
  • Possibility of optimization, scaling, addition of new functionality;
  • The search module provides information to users.
Features of the “SAD TCHSZh” system The applied accounting and reporting system has versatility that allows it to be used for various homeowners' associations, taking into account the specific accounting features for the entire range of activities and production. The system is designed in such a way that the accounting system of each homeowners' association has its own data storage, in the form of a virtual safe, with appropriate protection and authorization to enter it, although all data is stored in a centralized single database; This project ensures the reliability of the system, given that in the future it practically concentrates accounting and reporting data from one of the important and developed sectors of the national economy, namely the housing and communal services industry. The system contains current selections from the legal and regulatory framework necessary to support the accounting system andreporting, as well as regulating the activities of homeowners' associations.

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