Issue and calculation of the services

Reception system payments

Goals of creating the system

  • Creation of a single centralized consumer database;
  • Increasing the labor productivity of specialists in departments related to settlements with consumers; Improving the quality of customer service;
  • Reducing operating costs associated with the processes of accounting and settlements with consumers;
  • Increasing the level and efficiency of teamwork of specialists;
  • Increasing payment collection and return on investment;
  • Automation of accounting and settlement processes with consumers based on On-Line technology;
  • Ensuring maximum information for network consumers by providing them with services for remote access to the settlement resources of the sales company, in accordance with the required level (standard) of information disclosure;
  • Standardization of sales processes at all levels and areas;
  • Prompt receipt in real time of data on payments, disconnections, concluded contracts;
  • Ensuring the ability to control divisions of the sales company at all levels;
  • Reduced deadlines for submitting output reports;
  • A significant increase in management mobility, which allows you to quickly make decisions on many issues. In addition, as a result of increasing the accuracy and accuracy of calculations, time losses are reduced and the quality of accounting is improved;
  • Implementation of a distributed infrastructure for electronic information exchange and interaction between various divisions of a sales company.

Problems to be solved:

  • Automation of maintaining personal cards of household and legal consumers with reference to enterprises at the district level, and indicating all the necessary details for the functioning of the complex;
  • Automation of consumption accounting and payment for the provided resource by household and legal consumers;
  • Automation of providing consumers with reliable and sufficient information for correct and timely payment;
  • Automation of accounting and movement of metering devices;
  • Automation of calculation of balances of consumed resources for substations and distribution centers of enterprises and organizations, taking into account standard losses and real load in transmission devices;
  • Automation of calculations for resource losses on the supply line to consumers, and obtaining information about deviations in calculated and actual losses; calculating the balance of resource receipt and consumption in order to identify and calculate imbalances;
  • Automation of the provision of reporting documents for each level of the hierarchy Republic, region, district;
  • Automation of various payment options with legal and household consumers:
    through commercial banks and Uzbekistan Pochtasi;
    via PAYNET;
    via SMS-tools (chamber of commerce).
  • Automation of providing operational information to consumers:

-through your personal account;

-via SMS messages.


PC "Billing" consists of the following subsystems:

  • Administration,
  • Maintaining regulatory and reference information
  • Accounting and settlements with legal consumers,
  • Accounting and settlements with household consumers,
  • Accounting for technical equipment,
  • Monitoring the activities of departments
  • Providing operational information to the consumer
  • Ensuring migration (conversion) of data from legacy systems
  • Ensuring claims activities

Subsystem “Administration”

The “Administration” subsystem is intended for registering users and user groups, storing and changing their data, for assigning access to resources of a specific division and other divisions of the sales company, for maintaining information about the organizational structure of the divisions of the sales company, as well as setting the operating parameters of all other PC subsystems .

Subsystem “Maintaining normative and reference information (RNI)

The subsystem “Maintaining reference information (RNI)” in the data center of a sales company is designed to store, maintain and keep up to date all reference information used in performing the functions of the system and organizing the synchronization of the relevant data of autonomously operating divisions of the sales company with data in the data center of the sales company within the framework of the tasks of centralized reference data management.

Subsystem “Accounting and settlements with legal consumers”

The subsystem “Accounting and settlements with legal consumers” is intended for

conducting contracts, settlements and payment for the provided resource with legal consumers connected to the networks of the sales company.

Subsystem “Accounting and settlements with household consumers”

The subsystem “Accounting and settlements with household consumers” is intended for maintaining contracts, settlements and payments for the provided resource with household consumers connected to the networks of the sales company.

Subsystem “Accounting for technical equipment”

The subsystem “Accounting for technical equipment” is designed to account for technical equipment involved in the processes of accounting for the consumption of the provided resource, their movement and maintenance.

Control of departments' activities

The subsystem provides control and monitoring by the management of the sales company over the activities of the divisions.

Subsystem “Providing operational information to the consumer”

The subsystem “Providing operational information to the consumer” is designed to provide the consumer with information about the status of the personal account and receive information from the consumer in the form of applications via the Internet and mobile cellular communications.

Subsystem “Ensuring data conversion from legacy systems”

The subsystem “Ensuring data conversion from legacy systems” is designed to automate the processes of transferring data from legacy systems at the stage of putting the PC into operation. The functions of the subsystem must ensure control of the completeness, integrity and reliability (where possible) of the transferred data and issue appropriate protocols of the transfer processes for decision-making and additional data auditing.

Subsystem “Supporting claim activities”

The subsystem “Supporting claims and claims activities” is designed to automate the processes of conducting claims and claims activities with consumers

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