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The company "FIDO-BIZNES" was founded in 1993. Today the company is one of the largest developers and suppliers of information systems and technological solutions in the Uzbekistan market.

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Business philosophy (mission, values, vision)

Company policies in the field of quality management



is a pioneer of innovation, providing IT solutions for 30 years to help our clients unlock their technological potential and move forward to new opportunities. We skillfully combine traditions and experience with the most advanced technologies and produce the best possible results. The unity of the team, its goals, culture and vision allows us to create solutions that change lives and the future.

Our solutions are ready to cope with any task and at any time, so we can safely say that for Fido Biznes there are no impossible missions. The company's portfolio of services and products includes solutions for the banking, industrial, insurance, telecommunications industries, as well as for the public sector and many others.

Sincerely, General Director of FIDO-BIZNES
Dadazhanova Farida Talatovna

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Business philosophy

Company policies in the field of quality management



  • Responsibility
  • Creativity
  • Engagement
  • Team spirit
  • Mutual respect
  • Devotion


Always provide high-quality and high-tech solutions


Сделать высокие технологии доступными для каждого клиента

Company Policies in management quality


The goal of "FIDO-BIZNES"

is to produce the best information systems based on advanced technologies that simplify client business management.

“FIDO-BIZNES” helps Clients to be highly efficient and competitive through the use of modern, and most importantly, inexpensive information technologies; Employees are provided with the opportunity for self-realization and learning new things in a steadily developing, technologically advanced, leading company in which it is prestigious to work and build a career; helps the State build the IT industry.

Quality Management System

is considered as an integral part of the production management system. The management considers the main goal of the enterprise to be to satisfy the requirements of consumers of manufactured and sold products, ensure the viability of the enterprise, and constantly improve the well-being of its employees.

To achieve the set goals and increase competitiveness in the market, a Quality Management System has been introduced in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2015 with the aim of:

  • ensuring customer satisfaction
  • increasing the Company's competitiveness in foreign and domestic markets
  • increasing the confidence of potential consumers in a highly competitive market today

To achieve these goals, the Company's management determined
priority tasks:

improvement of production and management methods;

identifying and fulfilling the requirements of software consumers, increasing their satisfaction;

qualitative improvement of infrastructures

The Company achieves high results and stated goals thanks to a team of like-minded professionals who are guided by personal interests and the interests of the Company, who are aware of their responsibility and are ready for dedication.

To achieve the set objectives, this policy contains the following obligations of the Company’s management:

  • Management's commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of the QMS;
  • The obligation to comply with applicable laws and other requirements that apply to the organization;
  • Provide all necessary resources to complete assigned tasks;
  • Consider the context and risks of the enterprise;
  • Constantly reward staff for their contribution to achieving set goals and objectives;
  • Carry out periodic information and maintain an open dialogue with all stakeholders on the Company’s activities in the field of QMS;
  • Communicating, explaining and implementing policies at all levels of the company;
  • Annually analyze the functioning of the management system for its suitability, adequacy and effectiveness, with the aim of continuously improving the system.