Software package "Pension

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Software package "Pension

The purpose of creating the Pension PC is to create an automated information system that allows the formation of a reliably protected single centralized database, which should be able to timely provide users with reliable, complete and up-to-date information based on comprehensive automation of the processes of registration, processing, distribution and issuance of information. This will improve the efficiency of the entire system of the Extra-budgetary Pension Fund under the Ministry of Finance and strengthen control over the targeted expenditure of funds from the Extra-budgetary Pension Fund. PC "Pension" is designed to automate processes:
  • assignment, calculation of pensions and benefits, recalculation, recalculation and accounting of pension and benefit payments in accordance with the law;
  • registration, storage, processing and issuance of information about pensioners in district (city) departments of the extra-budgetary Pension Fund, creation of a single centralized database on pensioners to increase the efficiency and reliability of the information processed;
  • generating payment documents (statements for payment of pensions and benefits), sending electronic payment documents to the relevant organizations responsible for making payments;
  • receiving reporting forms at the levels of divisions of the extra-budgetary Pension Fund, improving the qualitative and quantitative indicators of the functioning of the pension system for citizens;
  • accounting for and monitoring the financing of pensions and benefits by type;
  • maintenance of balance sheet accounts for pensions and benefits;
  • ensuring interaction with external organizations - the Treasury of the Ministry of Finance, OJSC Uzbekiston Pochtasi, People's Bank and other commercial banks, the State Tax Committee, the Ministry of Justice, the State Committee on Statistics.


According to the hierarchy levels and functional purpose, the PENSION PC is divided into the following parts:
- Central republican level;
- Territorial level (regions, Tashkent city, Republic of Karakalpakstan);
- District level (districts and cities). Each level in the PENSION PC has its own functional software modules (PM), that is, software that performs specific functionality in the area of activity of the unit.
Administration module
 The Administration module provides automation of security management processes (authorization, access, user rights). The system includes a flexible mechanism for creating and modifying user roles depending on their job responsibilities. Roles are formed by the administrator according to the job responsibilities of PC users. Each role is assigned a user menu and an accessible set of objects, and these, in turn, are assigned a named set of access rights to each object.
Module “Registration and accounting of pensioners”
The module “Registration and accounting of pensioners” provides automation of processes:
  • registration of applications (assigning a unique individual number of a pensioner - INP);
  • opening a pensioner’s personal file – LDP linked to the INP;
  • maintaining personal files of pensioners and benefit recipients, tracking the status of execution, monitoring changes in the LDP;
  • maintaining a personal account for a pensioner and recipient of LSP benefits;
  • formation and maintenance of an electronic pensioner card.
Module “Pension assignment”
The “Pension Assignment” module ensures automation of pension assignment processes when registering pensioners in accordance with the law:
  • calculation of old age pension;
  • calculation of disability pension;
  • calculation of a survivor's pension;
  • calculation of benefits for disabled people since childhood;
  • assignment of benefits to disabled people of disability groups I and II;
  • calculation of benefits for elderly, single citizens;
  • calculation for recipients of one-time social benefits under state social insurance.
Module “Recalculation of pensions and benefits”
The module “Recalculation of pensions and benefits” provides automation of the processes of recalculation of pensions and benefits:
  • According to the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on increasing the amount of pensions and benefits.
  • According to additional information provided by citizens on the amount of wages and work experience, in connection with the transition to another type of pension, the achievement of one child of 18 years of age in recipients of survivors' pensions, a change in the disability group, and others in accordance with current legislation.
Module “Control and management of payment periods”
The “Control and management of payment periods” module provides automation of the processes of managing payment periods and control over these periods at a higher level. The Module implements the following functions:
  • Opening of the payment period;
  • Changing the status of the payment period;
  • Closing of the payment period;
  • Formation of reconciliation reports;
  • Monitoring of payment periods.
Module “Creation of statements and control of payments”
The module “Generation of statements and control of payments” provides automation of the processes of generation of statements and control of payments:
  • Creation of statements and registers;
  • Maintaining statements and registers;
  • Generation of payment orders;
  • Maintaining payment orders;
  • Sending statements and registers;
  • Sending payment orders.
Subsystem “Maintaining a database of meters”
The “Termination of Payments” module provides automation of the processes of suspension, restoration, termination of payments of pensions and benefits in connection with:
  • with the death of the recipient;
  • change of residence;
  • end of disability period;
  • disabled children who have reached the age of 16;
  • reaching the age of 18, recipients of survivors' pensions and in other cases provided for by current legislation.
  • reaching the age of 23, recipients of survivors’ pensions on the basis of the Law “On Pensions for Military Personnel”;
  • expiration of the temporary registration period;
  • expiration of the passmouth;
  • starting a job.
Module “Interaction with external systems”
The “Interaction with External Systems” module provides automation of information exchange processes with external systems.
Module “Treasury Execution”
The Treasury execution module is a component of the system on the basis of which accounting of financing and business processes of financial management of the Pension Fund is maintained.
Reporting module
In this module, the necessary reporting forms are generated in the form of an HTML form or output to EXCEL.
Module “Information and analytical data warehouse”
The “Information and Analytical Data Warehouse” module (DATA WAREHOUSE) provides automation of the processes of creating a data warehouse.
Module “Maintaining regulatory and reference information”
The following functions are implemented in the module “Maintaining regulatory and reference information”:
  • Entering and adjusting data in the directory (add an entry, change an entry, delete an entry, deactivate an entry, activate an entry);
  • View directories.

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