Server equipment delivery

We can supply server equipment manufactured by market leaders in the IT industry. The offered devices are designed to serve both tens and hundreds of thousands of computer network users. The use of server devices provides a high level of security, preventing the loss of personal data and protecting against irreversible failures in information flows. Special software installed on the server allows you to operate this equipment efficiently and as conveniently as possible.

General information

When choosing a server, you need to consider what functions you will need hardware to perform. Depending on the purpose, there are different types of server equipment: workgroup, domain controllers, email, web applications, databases, file, terminal, Internet gateways.

A server is necessary for high-quality operation of the corporate network, which almost every company installs today. Purchasing server hardware is important to ensure reliability
and control of all processes of the corporate network.

Scheme of work

1. performance (up to 4 CPUs in one system, use of SAS, independent buses for RAID and HBA controllers, etc.);

2. reliability and fault tolerance (equipping the server with ECC memory error correction, mirroring, the ability to duplicate elements, etc.);

3. scalability (a large number of PCI-e and PCI-X slots, the ability to install a CPU step-by-step, etc.);

4. controllability (equipping modern server equipment with remote status monitoring, virtual DVD, remote startup and reboot, failure prediction system, etc.).

5. After which Guarantee or Guarantee+Support at your discretion

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