Delivery, implementation and technical support of ready-made solutions

These are software or hardware-software products of our partners that have been developed, debugged and have been in operation for a long time. We can offer a wide range of solutions in any industry based on any platforms and technologies of our partners.
The complete solution implies the following:
- Installation without the need to design and implement architecture and basic functionality;
- Pre-installed custom design layouts;
- Basic setup in a short time, using an excessive number of customizable functional components;
- Easy expandability of functionality by adding additional ready-made modules or developing them to order;
- Preservation of all professional tools;
- Delivery both in kind and as a service (SaaS).

General information

A ready-made solution that will never need implementers is a utopia. A ready-made solution cannot self-implement.

Our specialists will undertake:
- formation of requirements (technical specifications);
- supply, installation and configuration;
- if necessary, modification or development of modules or components;
- implementation of the solution in the activities of your enterprise;
- warranty support and maintenance.

Scheme of work

1. Your application or simply a written intention to supply a solution

2. Our specialists will conduct a quick survey to clarify your tasks and we will prepare a commercial offer for you

3. Then we conclude a contract

4. We write the technical specifications. Here a more detailed survey is already being carried out to clarify tasks and requirements, their formalization, coordination and approval

5. Based on the Technical Specifications, we deliver, install and configure. If necessary, we carry out additional development and preparation of documentation. We call all this a “Technical Work Project”

6. At the “Trial Operation” stage, your specialists can try out the finished solution in practice and give their comments and suggestions for its optimization

7. Well, and of course, the ceremonial moment of handing over and acceptance of completed work comes and the introduction of the finished solution into “Industrial Operation”

8. After which Guarantee or Guarantee+Support is at your discretion

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