Automated inventory

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Automated inventory

Development goal


Automation of the process of inventory of fixed assets of branches and a commercial bank as a whole, allowing the bank to speed up the inventory process, create convenience and efficiency of the inventory process, and the ability to eliminate errors associated with the human factor.

Automated inventory is carried out using a specialized mobile device provided by the bank.


Module “Creating and printing a label.” This functional module ensures the transfer to a specialized device that generates a “fixed asset label” (TAG) of the basic details of “fixed assets” recorded in the database of the IABS subsystem “Accounting for fixed assets” " This ensures the transfer of the following details: a unique number of fixed assets (ID-product), inventory number of the product, name of the product, information about the person to whom this fixed asset is assigned. These details are stored electronically in the “label” microchip (TEG), and will also be simultaneously printed on its surface by a specialized device. In this case, special software modules (SDK) will be used, developed by the manufacturer of specialized devices that generate, print and read the “fixed asset tag” (TAG).

Module “Automated Inventory”.

This functional module provides an automated inventory process using a specialized mobile device:

  • Generating a file for a list of fixed assets and transferring it to a specialized mobile device;
  • Receiving a completed file from a specialized mobile device;
  • Providing an inventory process based on information received from a specialized mobile device;
  • Generation of reports on inventory of fixed assets.

Module “Working through a specialized mobile device”

This functional module provides reading of information recorded on the “product label” (TAG), taped on the product, through a specialized mobile device and comparison of this information with existing information about the product in the file generated from the “Fixed Asset Accounting” subsystem, as well as the formation of a completed file with a list of fixed assets for transfer to the “Fixed Asset Accounting” subsystem.

This functional module provides the following functions:

  • Reception of fixed asset files (list of fixed assets, on the day of inventory), generated by the “Fixed Asset Accounting” subsystem;
  • Carrying out the inventory process;
  • Creating a file about the completed inventory process and transferring this file to the “Fixed Asset Accounting” subsystem.

Brief description of the “Automated Inventory” process:

The automated inventory process is ensured in the following sequence, using specialized software and hardware:

The stage of forming a database of fixed assets, with filling in information for further automated inventory.

This step is performed once before the automated inventory count begins. At this stage, a file is first generated from the database of the “Fixed Asset Accounting” subsystem (a list of fixed assets at the beginning of the primary automated inventory period). This file is transferred to a specialized mobile device, which generates an “item-fixed asset tag” (TAG), in accordance with the list of fixed assets. As each label is printed, it must be affixed to the corresponding fixed asset product in order to carry out the further automated inventory process. During the initial inventory, it is necessary to strictly ensure that the “label” of the product is attached to the corresponding fixed asset product. The stage ends with checking the primary inventory report. At the same time, the completeness of coverage of fixed assets and the presence of appropriate labels (TAGs) in each of them is checked.

It should be noted: if at this stage the goods are issued in parallel from the bank’s warehouse, then it is imperative that this product be affixed with a “product label” (TAG), generated and printed through the “Fixed Asset Accounting” subsystem, when attaching the goods-fixed asset to person responsible for operation.

During the initial issuance of basic goodsWhen transferring funds from the warehouse of a commercial bank, the formation of a “product label” (TAG) must be ensured through the “Fixed Asset Accounting” subsystem. Next, this “product label” (TAG) must be affixed to the issued product “product label” (TAG). The label for the product will be generated by a specialized mobile device and the product ID will be unique in the context of a commercial bank before it is written off.

The following details will be provided on the product label: a unique number of the fixed asset product (ID-product), inventory number of the product, name of the product, information about the person to whom this fixed asset product is assigned.

Saving information about the generated labels and printing the label will be provided by the software of the “Creating and Printing Label” functional module.

Automated inventory stage:

This stage will be carried out annually, or as necessary, using the described hardware and software system.


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