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SMS Alerts

PC “SMS Alerts” - is designed for remote customer service and is based on the exchange of informing customers via SMS messages with service providers. With the help of the SMS Alerts software package, the client gets the opportunity to be informed around the clock about bills, the status of services, and supplier news by receiving SMS messages on his mobile phone. The introduction of the SMS Alerts system allows Service Providers to expand the range of paid remote services provided to clients. Receiving SMS messages by clients about the movement of funds and current account balances, services, and news will allow the Service Provider to reduce the congestion of telephone lines during business hours.

Purpose of the “SMS Alerts” subsystem

The SMS Alerts software package interacts with clients upon request from the client. The following basic settings and functions are available in the system:
  • assigning several phone numbers to the client;
  • assignment of several client accounts to a telephone number;
  • activation/deactivation of users;
  • activation/deactivation of individual user numbers;
  • assignment of individual services to the client’s phone number;
  • assigning a package of services generated by the administrator to the client’s phone number;
  • adding plastic card clients
Using SMS messages, the user can receive the following information:
  • by accounts;
  • about the status of services;
  • about the news of the Service Provider;
  • etc.;
When money is credited to the account or sent, the client is automatically notified about this operation and its amount. SMS SERVER is a software and hardware module of the “SMS Alerts” PC.

Purpose of the “SMS SERVER” subsystem.

The “SMS SERVER” software module is intended for:
  • receiving and processing SMS commands from clients, sending information requested by the client from the database in the form of SMS messages;
  • Monitoring the status and load statistics of GSM modems;
  • Maintaining a detailed log of errors in the operation of the GSM modem and interaction with the database.

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